Impractically, Practical

Impractically, Practical showcases artists and designers that use business as a cultural instigator, raising questions about the potential of transmedia communication to act as a catalyst to influence and initiate change on both global and local levels, through fictional entrepreneurship, and diegetic business.

In the spirit of being “Impractically, Practical,” I worked with exhibition designer, Kate Slovin, to conceptualize a display format that would take the most practical aspect of an exhibition – name cards – and display them in the most impractical way possible.

A grid of exactly 1/2 pound of black yarn was used to suspend the artist names. The show was a great success, with over 200 gallery-goers trickling in throughout the night.

The publication features the artists in the show, and aims to theorize and invent two categories of business-design: fictional entrepreneurship and diegetic business, two definitions for tools I am proposing that allow for the use of fiction in business model design to innovate new products and services that help us better understand our present situation through narrative and / or critical dialogue.

Creative Direction & Curation byMatthew Manos
Exhibition & Publication Design byKate Slovin
GalleryTake My Picture
Sponsored bya verynice design studio
Artists: Zach Blas, David Elliot, Michael Kontopoulos, David Leonard, Matthew Manos, Lauren McCarthy, Sara Moore, Ana Ramos, Jackson Wang, a verynice design studio, & The Yes Men


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