Thesis Statement Draft v1.09

—— v1.09

The top 10 jobs of 2010 did not exist in 2004, and I argue that the top 30 jobs of 2017 do not exist as I type this statement. This networked revolution begs for a new field of business, and new entrepreneurial intentions.

My work explores the role of design in the futuring practice, specifically the threshold of imaginary invention and concrete evidence. As a fictional entrepreneur, I seek out voids and gaps within the daily lives of our future selves, and design for those situations, solving problems that have yet to exist. My interest in accessibility in regards to critical design crafts an attraction to mediums that transcend age and education which may not include games, illustration, comics, toys, and animation. Specific points of interest within the future landscape include memory (storage of data), censorship, bionic evolution, and surveillance.

The work, a series of projects, evolve to inform a greater project and context: a diegetic business. This business acts as an incubator for a series of diegetic prototypes that aim to design tools that foster a critical voice about tomorrow.

Specific Questions –

  • What is the role of the business designer in the futuring practice?
  • How can business and entrepreneurship be a medium for design research?
  • How can design be a tool for crafting accessible futuring perspectives and outlooks?

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