Sidewalk Avatars

Sidewalk Avatars is a rapid experiment in response to a prompt put out by GOOD Magazine: If your street wasn’t filled with cars—either driving or parking—what would be able to exist there? How would it look? How would it be used? Without cars, which transportation options would need to be put in place there to help people get where they need to go? What decisions would you make to transform the street into a new, vibrant place for L.A.’s residents?

My response: If there are no streets, then there are no cars. If there are no cars and there are no streets, then we’ll be walking a lot more. If we’re walking a lot more, we should make sidewalks more exciting. Sidewalk Avatars imagines an average city block as a customizable terrain for walking. The sidewalk leverages facial recognition and mobile technology to instantly transform itself and conform to your customizable desires. Want to climb through treacherous mountains on the way to the book store? Got it. Want to swim through a gentle lake to get to your morning coffee? You bet.

The sketch was selected to be published on GOOD, and was on display at the A+D Museum’s “Moving Beyond Cars” exhibition.


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