Knowledge Sharing Future Landscape: 2021

This sequential art piece was created for Micro Mega Meta, a design-driven inquiry into the future of humanities research and scholarly production, lead by principal investigator, Anne Burdick.

When asked to center my summer’s research on the practice of futurology, I immediately turned my focus toward defining key terms used in future studies as well as identifying successful approaches to the visual communication and organization of material. The result of that research can be found in the following article – Futuring Practices: Tools, Terms, & Perspectives.

This research gave me a strong foundation in approaching the larger question: What is the future of Knowledge Sharing? To begin to answer this question, I frequented many interesting blogs on the internet, and engaged in deep readings of recent reports put out by The Institute for the Future, ARUP Foresight, and The New Media Consortium. The result of this research was a massive spreadsheet – pages and pages, columns and columns, of ideas and outlooks on various aspects of knowledge sharing including: Game-Based Learning, Memory, Gestural Computing, Privacy/Access, Open Governments, Reading & Writing, and the Work Environment.

Given my interests in accessible futuring perspectives, I saw this massive spreadsheet as an opportunity to experiment with unique forms an outlook could take. As a result, each building in the final illustration, a 5×12 foot mural, served as a metaphor for specific predictions about the future of Knowledge Sharing – designed to engage the viewer from multiple distances and scales, leveraging humor and hyperbole as a tool for fostering critical thought.

Personal favorite horizon: Gestural Computation is on the rise, and will become an institutional norm by the year 2021. As a result, interest in yoga will see a dramatic increase.


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