Cloud Run [Process & Concept]

Cloud Run is a work-in-progress board game designed and produced in collaboration with Michael Manalo. We are interested in creating a board game that can serve as an entry point and conversation piece to a greater discussion surrounding foreseen issues of sustainability and data storage… part of “The Cloud is Full” series.

Overview: You find yourself in a world in which the cloud is at near capacity. After reaching 90%, the government has mandated that all homes run on, and maintain, server-based heat and energy systems. Unfortunately, your server has a picky attitude, and one wrong step can turn your house against you. Navigate through your home to get to the central heating unit without using too much energy or else the cloud will reach 100% capacity, eliminating the archive of our existence.

Goal: Using the least moves (energy) possible, navigate to your home-server unit. Strategic navigation via chance-based card drawing (or dice rolling), and board manipulation (folding of game surface) are key to maintaining low energy outputs to get to your server in time.

Materials: Game Pieces (laser-cut people? markers?), dynamic game-board (moldable / foldable surface), energy counter (timer? addition system?), move catalyst (dice? cards?), the cloud / server – center piece (button? light up?)

As a formal study, the game is also an exploration in exploring the surface of a board game as a movable and playable element. How can entrepreneurship be used in the gaming industry to raise questions around data storage? Can gaming be a powerful medium to produce accesible futuring perspectives?

Inspiration / References:


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