Geo-Futures Mobile Application [Design Proposal]

Geo-Futures is a mobile application that asks a user: “What is your ideal future?” We hope our project goes beyond the notion of a “preferred future” in the sense that it allows us to think beyond ourselves, and include all that is around us in our own visions of the future.

When the user is introduced to the Geo-Futures Application, they are encouraged to explore and contribute to the environment around them by submitting drawings of their ideal futures, geo-dropped in the exact location in which they hope to see these futures exist.

The user is prompted by their device: What do you wish existed in this environment? What is the ideal future of this space, in your eyes? After contemplating the thought, the user contributes to the project by drawing and dropping the artifact of hope in the space it should exist. As time goes on, more and more users find themselves contributing, and eventually, the entire city of Los Angeles (and perhaps the world) is covered with site-specific doodles of a communally crafted, preferred, future.

While the mobile version of the application leverages the smart phone’s built-in camera, the desktop version of Geo-Futures utilizes Google’s street view to craft a canvas for the user’s depiction of the future. Users that do not wish to participate may also choose to browse other futures via the map view.

Bora and I are currently interviewing potential partners that can join our team in making this app a reality. We are interested and excited to see the results of launching this kind of project into the public – watching our urban spaces fill up with layers of futurist visions.

*update* The project is officially in development thanks to the addition of Salvador Orara to our team as Technical Director!

This project was originally done in partnership with Homeboy Industries and a verynice design studio for the SAPPI Ideas that Matter competition. Unfortunately, while the project was a finalist, our team was ultimately not selected for the grant.

Project Team:

  • Matthew Manos
  • Bora Shin
  • Salvador Orara

Special Thanks:

  • Petrula Vrontikis
  • Matt Kizu
  • Kate Slovin

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