InfraCube – 2011 MDP Dialectical Bus Tour

In honor of MDP tradition, the entire student body participated in a charrette from September 09 – 11. With a theme of “infrastructures,” this year’s bus tour (by car) took us to the Port of Los Angeles, and One Wilshire – two spaces that represent a deep infrastructure: one in the digital world. one in the physical world. After our trip, we were prompted to create an installation that could serve as an interface between an individual, and the complexity of the infrastructures that we experienced in action.

My group became fascinated by an observed threshold of invisibility / visibility that was recognized both at the port (shipping containers), and in the hot server rooms (infinite tubes). How can an installation communicate a sense of invisibility and visibility in regards to the complexity of these systems?

InfraCube is a game that asks each participant to build a bigger brick. A complex set of instructions walk each player through the game. The game is not competitive, the only goal is to build a bigger brick. After the player has completed the set of instructions, they are prompted to flip the brick / cube upside down, hiding all of it’s internal complexities.

Project Team:

  • JoJo Chongjaroenjai
  • Sang-In Chung
  • Jeffrey Hall
  • Nancy Kwon
  • Matthew Manos

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