Questions, Issues, & Interests

Beginning a collection of questions that highlight my various interests for further investigation, and design proposals / prototypes.

  • If society lacks the capability to store knowledge on external devices, will we rely more on our own personal memory? If so, how can we access it better, faster, and easier?
  • Can gaming be a powerful medium to produce accesible futuring perspectives?
  • What if the future of mankind is not defined by time, but instead requires invention / entrepreneurship to spark  bionic evolution?
  • How can censorship be used as a method of creative self expression?
  • How can design be a tool for crafting accessible futuring perspectives and outlooks?
  • How can business and entrepreneurship be a medium for design research?
  • What is the role of the business designer in the futuring practice?

One response to “Questions, Issues, & Interests

  1. Five more references here – lectures, research labs, etc.

    • Theo Jansen’s TED talk on the evolution of his designed creatures:
    • Cynthia Breazeal on the future of personal robots:
    • Maywa Denki speaking about his products:
    • Institute for the Future’s log of Technology Horizons typically catered toward business clients:
    • NMC 2011 Horizon Report:

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