Thesis Statement Draft v5.05


Numbers are a hindrance on future-making skills. Producing cultural change is an act that is far too radical for a quantitative practice. Entrepreneurs often turn towards numbers to see how coordination or reallocation can be optimized to provide a great benefit to either corporate or social entities. A quantitative and theoretical stance like this is actually crippling to the radical thinking an entrepreneur is capable of, limiting their ability to innovate that which does not exist and change the way we perceive the world around us, on both macro and micro scales. The top 10 jobs of 2010 did not exist in 2004. Is it possible that the top 30 jobs of 2017 do not exist as I type this statement? This networked revolution begs for a new field of business, and new entrepreneurial intentions.


I am interested in creating a Diegetic Business to foster accessible, critical, futuring perspectives. In literature, diegesis is defined as the fictional world in which a narrative occurs. Diegetic business, then, is a manifestation of the narrative in the shape of a business that exists within our own reality, exploring entrepreneurship as a medium for both design-research, and design-futurology. Inspired by Bruce Sterling’s re-definition of design fiction as “diegetic prototype,” the business acts as an incubator for a series of products and services. The project will result in the formation of a corporation comprised of a series of diegetic prototypes that build upon each-other to craft a business that exports objects and experiences that initiate a deep engagement with the future.


The Yet To Institute (YTI) is an independent design-research group that is engaged in the exploration of entrepreneurship as a medium for a critical investigation of the future landscape. Comprised of a team of media designers and fictional entrepreneurs, YTI seeks out the voids and gaps within the daily lives of our future selves, and designs for those situations, fulfilling needs that have yet to exist. Our manufactured future-making tools and diegetic prototypes aim to provide consumers accessible entry-points to a critical dialogue around the future implications of today.


The following are products currently in development that are working towards laying a groundwork for The Yet To Institute.

Memory Allocation & Visualization Mask (MA&VM): A diegetic product designed for a future in which the cloud is full. If society lacks the capability to store knowledge on external devices, will we rely more on our own personal memory? If so, how can we access it better, faster, and easier?

The Cloud is Full: A series of products exploring the ramifications of limited data space, and the effect of data-sustainability on the domestic environment.

Geo-Futures: A mobile application fostering publicly preferred futures using media-drops and geo-locational technology. Currently in development.


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