Business Model (Formerly Thesis Statement) v.6.01

I. Executive Summary:

[          ] is an incubator for imaginary business-design proposals. Working as fictional entrepreneurs, [          ] seeks out the voids and gaps within the daily lives of our future selves, and designs for those situations, fulfilling needs that have yet to exist. As an organization, we manufacture diegetic prototypes and opportunity-reports that aim to inspire and produce entrepreneurial vision, using business as a medium for design-research. Our products provide consumers accessible entry points to a critical dialogue around the future implications of today, and foster long-term thinking through fictional entrepreneurship. While the breadth of our research is wide, our current focus is on the potential for innovation within the context of bionic evolution.

II. Company Summary and Vision:

II a. Mission:

To foster long-term thinking in the field of entrepreneurship and innovate new approaches to business-design and entrepreneurial strategy.

II b. What is the critical need of our perceived or existing market?

Numbers are a hindrance on future-making skills. Producing cultural change is an act that is far too radical for a quantitative practice. Entrepreneurs often turn towards numbers to see how coordination or reallocation can be optimized to provide great benefit to either corporate or social entities. A quantitative and theoretical stance like this is actually crippling to the radical thinking an entrepreneur is capable of, limiting their ability to innovate that which does not exist and change the way we perceive the world around us, on both macro and micro scales. The top 10 jobs of 2010 did not exist in 2004, and top 30 jobs of 2017 do not exist today. This networked revolution begs for a new field of business, and new entrepreneurial intentions.

III. Three Niches

III a. Niche of Process

[          ] uses entrepreneurship as a method of design-research & design-futurology. This process allows us to embody complex outlooks in an accessible manner.

III b. Niche of Product

[          ] produces open-source outlook-reports and diegetic prototypes that create accessible entry-points to the future. Using fiction and design-thinking, we craft narrative visions that offer a unique perspective on human-future interaction. While our products and proposals do indeed exist in our present reality, they are not of much practical use, yet.

III c. Niche of Market

[          ] works with and for a wide range customer-base. Our products are designed with the intention of creating various entry points for a diverse clientele.

One response to “Business Model (Formerly Thesis Statement) v.6.01

  1. An interesting comment that Ben brought up during today’s review was the concept that these businesses are not necessarily created by one maker / designer, but facilitated. How can this business model be adjusted, then, to have more of a focus / interest in collaboration amongst a team?

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