Domestic Cloud [One Week Experiment]

A recent study by Microsoft Research and the University of Virginia, “The Data Furnace,” argues that servers can be installed in homes and offices to be used as a primary heat source for the space. Doing so, their report claims, will result in three major advantages:

  1. lower carbon footprint
  2. reduce the total cost of ownership per server
  3. DATA lives in a closer proximity to the user.

In a future scenario in which the cloud is almost full, how can users take advantage of a server’s heat to maximize their personal data-storage space? “Domestic Cloud” is a series of products exploring the ramifications of limited data-space on the domestic environment. Is it possible to harness the heat of our personal data to support everyday tasks and routines such as frying an egg or drying our clothes?

Just as our current environmental condition has inspired innovation in the development of “green” domestic products, will a future need in data-sustainability yield such entrepreneurial endeavors?

Explore the project as a whole in the accompanying publication.


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