Moving towards Week 8

Week 8 is a big one for me. Not only will I be participating in the “Science Fair” / work-in-progress show and review, but the next day I will also be speaking on a panel along with IDEO at the annual SE-ALLIANCE conference in Chicago. SEA is the largest network of Social Entrepreneurs in the nation, if not the world, and their annual conference attracts a massive crowd from within this budding industry. This year, I have receive the honor of being recognized as a leader in the field of Social Entrepreneurship and am thus speaking at the event. The topic of conversation, and of my talk is the role of design in entrepreneurship.

Of course, I was invited to speak on behalf of my company, a verynice design studio, but I will also use this event to announce my new business-in-progress, my thesis.

A goal that I have set for myself is to begin / continue thinking deeply and strategically about the business I want to start during my time here at Art Center. While I recognize the business will change as the work progresses, it will be a great jumping off point to give a framework and larger meaning to my work as a whole. A good business is iterative, and starting sooner rather then later to craft the model will allow for this experimentation. More thoughts on the business to come.


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