The Institute for Fictional Entrepreneurship: Executive Summary (formerly thesis statement) v 7.15

The Institute for Fictional Entrepreneurship (IF-Entrepreneurship) designs, builds, and sustains companies that have absolutely no practical use in present economic terms.

From the 18th Century to the present, the written definition of “entrepreneur,” and thus the notion of an entrepreneur’s role, has evolved from one who adds value to pre-existing phenomenons, to one that innovates that which cannot be found in past experience. We explore design’s role within this on-going evolution from the tangible to the intangible as a means of developing the field of entrepreneurship. Just as the emergence of critical and speculative design radicalized the perception of Design, entrepreneurship has the potential to move towards a method that steps away from problem-solving, focusing instead on problem-making as a means to better engage with the edges of our present reality. However, we argue that pre-conceived notions of business have held back the ability for this emerging transformation to come to fruition. This embryonic revolution begs for a new ecology of processes that can foster, and contribute to, this emerging paradigm shift in the design of business.

IF-Entrepreneurship facilitates the design of imaginary business proposals. As an organization, we manufacture “things” that make things – questions, abstract prompts, games, and systems that facilitate Fictional Entrepreneurship. These “things” are carried out by consultants who collaboratively seek out the voids and gaps within the daily lives of our future selves in order to make things that accommodate the unknown. These systems do not aim to predict or solve, but instead speculate in order to raise questions around the ramifications of today, and the potential of tomorrow. This distinction, an inversion of current entrepreneurial practice, is key to understanding our perspective.

The Institute for Fictional Entrepreneurship was established in 02011, and is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. We are comprised of a team of fictional entrepreneurs with a multi-disciplinary background that blends experimental business-design practices, media design, and international business development.


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