Serendipitous Business Model Generator (SBMG Part 02)

My initial experiment in designing a Serendipitous Business Model Generator (SBMG), inspired by my experience as a Foursquare Situationist, yielded quite interesting results in terms of spontaneity and humor, but was not quite getting at my thesis interests.

After this initial development of SBMG, I realized that what was missing was a speculative / critical dimension. The method, instead, was very much restricted to a present tense, which places the project into the realm of a corporate brainstorm, or classic think tank approach – something this very much is not. It seemed like I was developing a method for crafting really bad, yet potentially viable, business models as opposed to a method for the development of Fictional Enterprise.

By basing it in reality, the project is actually crippling the very purpose of Fictional Entrepreneurship –  the act of accommodating the unknown – because it is instead trapped in known, and familiar spaces.

In response to this, Round 02 of the project’s development is an attempt to address the questions and discoveries from Round 01 in the form of a card game. The idea of the game mechanics is quite simple in this version:

  1. 3 decks of cards (Industry to Mod, Scenario, Horizon Element)
  2. Draw one card from each of the three decks
  3. Form connections with the cards based on the content provided
  4. Form your fictional business model.
Upon conducting a few user-studies, I found that the content provided was not enough to foster interesting results in the design of these fictional business proposals. This was not surprising, on account of there was little to no content / context provided in this sketch. Another question that came about from the users was regarding single player vs. multiplayer, a possible game mechanic / dimension that I had neglected in this sketch. 
Small Questions:
  1. What does the interface of these cards look like? 
  2. What kind of content should be provided on these cards?
  3. What other items could exist within these categories? Are these initial selections the appropriate categories for the game?
Big Questions:
  1. What happens after the idea is crafted through the card arrangement? Is there a second step to the game? How can the experience go deeper?
  2. How can a player interject strategy into the process as opposed to only relying on chance / luck?
  3. What competitive element can be injected into the mechanic? Is there a space for loss?
  4. Who is the audience for such a game? How might that fact effect the game’s design, or push it into more interesting spaces?

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