Serendipitous Business Model Generator (SBMG Part 03)

My initial experiments in designing a Serendipitous Business Model Generator (SBMG) brought up a lot of interesting questions for further exploration. In this iteration, I explored the following:

  1. What does the interface of these cards look like?
  2. What kind of content should be provided on these cards?
  3. What competitive element can be injected into the mechanic? Is there a space for failure / success?
To begin this exploration I visited Game Empire, and purchased a series of card games in order to take them apart and analyze their structure. I became interested in the conditions that made these games challenging, addicting, fun, and satisfying. I soon learned (and remembered from middle school) that there are various different kinds of card games. However, the most attractive mechanic that I found in my research was CCG, or “Collectable Card Game.”
What I found intriguing about this particular genre is that a high degree of strategy is required of the player as they customize there own deck to play against others. This got me thinking about two new possibilities for the Serendipitous Business Model Generator game mechanic:
  1. Users of SBMG could contribute to the authorship / crafting of the deck’s contents. No set of decks are alike – this will allow for more serendipitous Business Model Generation.
  2. The act of building a deck will require strategy – this will inject the competitive aspect that I felt was missing from the previous iteration. 
But how does the strategy play a part? This is where I introduced the idea of incorporating points into the mechanic – some cards, perhaps the more obscure / seemingly difficult to create pairings from, would be worth more points where as others, the seemingly simpler connections, would be worth less.  The following are some interface sketches / prototypes for the cards.
I am currently working on iterating on this further, to nail down a set of rules that can help guide the process of actually creating a full deck that will allow for the beginning stages of user studies. I anticipate these user studies revealing interesting insight into the remainder of the game – the actual formation of business proposals that results from the set of draws.

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