Categories of Fictional Entrepreneurship

A growing list of categories within the filed of Fictional Entrepreneurship. I am currently running experiments within each of these distinct categories / approaches.

Augmented: Fictional Entrepreneurship that results in new layers in our digital and / or physical environment. These ventures are publicly crafted, and “dropped” at site-specific locations.

Serendipitous: Fictional Entrepreneurship that takes a chance-based process. Through an engagement with games, or a set of rules / restrictions, a business is developed.

Defiant: Fictional Entrepreneurship that breaks things to make things. These innovations are created through puzzle-solving, and develop new competition for imaginary business.

Narrative: Fictional Entrepreneurship that leverages storytelling and critical design as the primary means of communication.

Hybrid: Fictional Entrepreneurship as a means of combining and juxtaposing two systems to create new, or alter old, business.


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