Serendipitous Business Model Generator (Part 04)

This post is a tiny bit overdue, but a full prototype of the Serendipitous Business Model Generator has been completed! After a series of experiments, the deck is ready to be tested on users. A diagram explaining the anatomy of the playing cards can be seen here. The rules are as follows:

The generator consists of three decks:

  1. Scenario: the conditions in which our business is being started
  2. Opportunity / Horizon Element: the emerging technologies / phenomenons that will be leveraged in our venture
  3. Modify Element: the existing business, product, or industry that will we modify / develop

Draw one card from each of the three decks to form your business. While the generator can be used by an individual, it is recommended to play with an advisor / partner. The key / rule is that your generated business be made tangible in some way – example: business plan.

Fun fact – each of the 90 cards in this full prototype were hand drawn. Yeah, it sounded like a good idea in the beginning… I figure that if I decide to run a kickstarter campaign to fund the production and distribution of the end result I can use these original hand made prototypes as incentives for the investors.



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