Science Fair Part 3: Feedback

The following are a list of comments and questions that I received during the Science Fair review. I found that there was actually a lot of consistency in the feedback I was receiving from the advisors. The following list is an attempt to filter all of the feedback into a set of bullet pointed questions / statements.
  • More enthusiasm about the Serendipitous Business Model Generator over the other experiments – this is a mutual feeling.
  • Consider ways to add more layers to the systems to push them even further away from current innovation processes.
  • Imagine drastic scenarios for the workshops to take place – how far can the performative element be pushed?
  • Play up the disruption / scenarios of collapse in the decks to create more provocative fictions. – push the unexpected – push it further from a “solution.”
  • What else can the audience take away from this experience beyond one sheet of paper? – how are the fictions evaluated as good or bad? – games / cards a powerful medium for this.
  • How can you play even more with existing / historical mechanisms.
  • Automation as a next step for the system.
  • Think about explicit, conceptual ties to other things / disciplines.

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