Serendipitous Executive Summary Generator (SESG)

My colleague Nick Fehr developed an awesome product, MyGenGen, which is a simple tool for creating single-function websites. I decided to leverage this software to develop a set of algorithms (based on word lists and sentence structures) that create generative Executive Summaries. This initial, quick, prototype / result has a sort-of “Mad-Libs” feel to it, which is fun. See it in action here, and enjoy a selection of the initial outputs below.

The system essentially works like this:

  1. Start with a sentence structure that has certain {bracket} words.
  2. The words within the {bracket} are randomized, pulling from a list of options.
  3. The sentenced structure itself is also randomized, pulling from a list of options for sentence structure.
  4. Every time the user clicks “GIVE ME ANOTHER BUSINESS MODEL,” the page is refreshed, and a new statement is generated.
I am interested in what might happen if each section of a business plan is taken through a similar algorithm. The result of which would generate a complete business plan (market strategy, sales channels, etc.), written entirely through a generative algorithm.  I am also interested in what might happen if the database of words that are generated are not determined by myself, but perhaps by a collective of individuals.

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