Thesis Plan of Action

Now that I have shifted gears away from continuing my participatory work, and instead focusing on the development of these autonomous systems, I recognize I have some catching up to do. However, I think it is a move made for the best, and that all of the work done thus far this semester, especially the recent project in Merced, are in dialogue with my aspirations of exploring generative business. The following is a bit of a plan of action for moving forward this year.

  1. Final iteration of the analog system (SBPG Card Game)
  2. Exploration into algorithmic versions of the system (SBPAlgorithms)
  3. Visual Prototypes of these embodied systems
  4. Sample outputs that may result from very complex algorithms, considering the humanization of the machine.
  5. Sketches / Collages exploring a fully autonomous system
  6. Prototypes of such a system
  7. Explorations into the subversion of this machine – how might this break?

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