Thesis Statement 13.03

In the future, current approaches in the field of entrepreneurship, which rely entirely on human ingenuity, will be considered shortsighted and irrelevant. They are not designed to accommodate the conceptual space that is mandatory in a future scenario that displays an exponential separation of future possibilities and present capabilities. In this future space, humans will become an irrelevant aspect in the process of innovation because our current modes of thinking are not conditioned for such an expansive space of uncertainty. We will run out of humanly perceivable problems, and thus establish a need for automated innovation methodologies that can discover new problems to capitalize on. I am not interested in creating systems that inspire entrepreneurs to think more abstractly. I am interested in creating systems that enable generative business plans. My thesis designs for this scenario by researching and developing semi-embodied cognition systems with the hope of inventing an entirely autonomous system, a documented attempt at creating a business plan writing machine (BPWM) that can thrive without human input.


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