1,000 Business Plans (part 01)

I am currently working on a new project, “1,000 Businesses,” that is a compilation of 1,000 algorithmically generated business plans. The project aims to step closer towards an automated system (as opposed to the 100% analog card game) in order to begin exploring the kinds of business plans an entrepreneurial machine might be capable of writing.

A bit of a discovery, however, has been found in the process of writing the algorithm itself. The executive summary is the first element to be generated, using my Serendipitous Executive Summary Generator, which spits out something like the following:After generating 1,000 of these summaries, a series of key-terms are extracted from each executive summary (i.e. opportunity, demographic, etc.), forming a database of words to pull from for each plan.

These terms are then manually inputed into the designated space(s) within each of the 1,000 business plans, as dictated by the algorithm.

Here is an example of an exported plan.

I’ve found that the process of generating this first output from my anonymous entrepreneur machine has been very reflective, and some what meditative, because it is so tedious and laborious. I currently have started 200 businesses, and am steadily working towards outputting the rest by the end of the week. I am very satisfied with the results thus far, as the range of businesses are beginning to go beyond the first-level “silly,” and more into the believable, yet strange, realm. While I do have some ideas as to where I might take the project next, I am going to wait until finishing the project to determine the best direction, so expect a post about some trajectories soon to follow.


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