The (Dis)Embodied Entrepreneur System Flow v2

Taking from the knowledge gained in my initial attempts at building the (Dis)Embodied Entrepreneur, this second iteration of the algorithm is designed with more complex layers that further remove the human / maker from the process of development as a way to push it further towards an autonomous existence.

Where the system, in this mock up, falls short is the final selection. Something that algorithms do especially well is selection based on detailed paramaters. This objectivity is what interests me in developing the entrepreneur. However, because the final step of the algorithm is simply a random selection, the algorithm becomes very subjective, and in a sense loses it’s purpose.

Initial future considerations:

  • How can each component of the automation process be drawn out in an obsessively detailed manner?
  • How can the system itself become embodied? Can there be a physical / illustrative form to add to the message as a whole?

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