Box & Button (Workshop #004): Part 01

A third workshop took place in Ahmanson Auditorium at Art Center College of Design with 70 participants from a wide range of academic focuses including: Graphic Design, Entertainment Design, and Illustration. The workshop explores the end of humanly perceivable problems, a massive problem in-it-of-itself that will result in the end of entrepreneurship, a practice that defines our species. The activity is set in a time in which each participant is incapable of identifying new problems. The workshop’s center-piece is a machine (a diegetic prototype) that is designed to aid in the entrepreneurial endeavors of the small groups. This machine does not claim to be capable of foreseeing or identifying problems that are not perceivable to mankind – that would be impossible (practically speaking). Instead, the machine, and the workshop as a whole, aims to spark conversation around the theories that drive my thesis by providing un-perceivable combinations of perceivable terms that are meant to inspire the development of business.

Some of the participants. Ahmanson Auditorium, Art Center College of Design

To start things off, the audience was prompted to develop 10 groups of 5-7 team members. 1 representative from each of the 10 groups was then directed to the front of the auditorium in order to approach the machine, and activate it’s vision.

The Dehumanized Entrepreneur (prototype) about to be activated by a participant

By pressing the big green button, the participant activates the Dehumanized Entrepreneur and, in doing so, generates 5 terms (Problem, Opportunity, Scenario, Industry, Audience) pertaining to the business they are being called upon to create during the workshop. The following is a sample of some of the terms generated during this initial session (check out an online version here).

Each group of participants is then prompted to record the data provided to them from the machine, and spend a week researching each of the terms in order to come back to the final session, part 2 of the workshop, with a strong knowledge of each of these generated terms. This knowledge will be necessary for the final outcome for the workshop: the creation of a rough business plan and prototype to communicate the human’s (participants) interpretation of the machine’s exported vision.

Further Reading / Concept Background: This workshop builds upon early prototypes of an Executive Summary Generator (1,2) that I developed as well as an initial, smaller-scale, workshop held in the Art Center Graphic Design Department’s Business 101 class with Terry Stone. Special thanks to Mateo Neri for sponsoring this two-day workshop.


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