Business #00382 (Stealthy Living)

Stealthy Living is a startup (launched through process #006) that aspires to create a space for privacy amongst an over-population of surveillance systems in the urban environment. Fortunate enough to have unlimited resources, the company leverages the opportunity of cyborgs in the 18 – 30 demographic. The company was established on February 1st, 02012 by Roy Tatum, Dan Pappas, David Badounts, Brett Beynon, and Randy Aragon.

Stealthy Living creates a variety of cloaking applications (fabrics, makeup, etc.) that utilize technologies capable of light-bending, UV deflection, thermal insulation, radio absorption, and motion detection. The company creates a series of custom solutions to allow for cross-system compatibility. For the initial launch, Stealthy Living’s inventory will carry a suite of three products: Optical Camouflage Fabric, Face-Recognition Block, and a series of coatings for plastics, metal, and wood. The company is currently focusing on developing the Optical Camouflage Fabric and, minus a few hiccups, it is reportedly going as planned.

Their five-person start-up, which is based in New York, announced on Thursday that it has raised $50 million in venture financing from a noted roster of investors and several angel investors — to expand the business and accelerate the research and development phase in order to begin rolling out products in late April, 02012. In November, the company raised $10 million in seed financing.


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