Business #00384 (Tentropy)

Tentropy is a 23rd century company that deploys modular teaching spaces, or “tents,” that bring order to chaos for educators that are leading classes in a context in which entropy has been reversed. Leveraging the opportunity of neuroscience, the tent material is made from a nanobot gel that can reform itself into any shape, including the exterior of the tent and the furniture inside. Using advanced neuroscience, the system records the brain of the teacher to reshape the physical environment to meet his or her needs, and to bring chaos to an ordered environment. The company was founded in 02012 by Joshua Fuller, Jaeson Kim, Zach Eastburg, Amy Wang, Jan-Michael Cariaga, and Kowoon.

Tentropy’s product, specifically, is the nano gel-coated tent which is currently designed to enhance the learning experience. The company currently has a working, 1:1 scale prototype of a classroom environment.

The space is made with their patented tent material, and has proven it’s capability to transform into any shape when the students and teachers react to them. By reading the teacher’s mind, the product activates the room, and changes accordingly. Upon launch, Tentropy will focus it’s Market Strategy towards private schools. The company is currently seeking angel investment and first-round seed capital to work towards a more accessible rollout in order to introduce the product to public institutions.


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