Business #00391 (Gravitator)

Gravitator is a product design-and-build company in the medical industry that is currently defining a new space for innovative opportunity: plane crashes. The company designs innovative chairs that prolong the life of airline passengers as they descend toward an inevitable death. The company was established on February 1st, 02012 by Daniel Choi, Esther Park, Angela Lee, Junhee Sim, Frederick Cheng, and Juae Park.

Through extensive research, and a series of controversial user-studies, the company discovered that most people involved in an airplane crash actually die before impact due a rapid increase of gravity over a short amount of time. This rapid acceleration of gravity forces blood to rush down from the brain, or flow up to the brain, making it very difficult for blood to cycle around the body which causes the passenger to die.

Astronauts experience a similar phenomenon upon entering zero gravity. To prevent death, astronauts sit on a specialized chair that massages and reclines them to help blood flow consistently during the extreme shift in gravity.

“Because astronauts endure intense and sudden increases in gravity while escaping the Earth’s gravitational pull, it’s important that they position themselves so that their bodies can deal with the increase in stress. By assuming a reclined position, astronauts distribute the stresses of takeoff across their bodies in a safe way. To that end, the chairs astronauts sit in during launch use this reclined configuration.” (source)

Gravitator’s prototype introduces the “astronaut’s chair” to the commercial airline industry. The Gravitator Massage Chair (GMC) is built specifically for aircrafts that carry a large amount of passengers. The chair is designed to prolong life, but is also built for comfort. Unfortunately this chair can not prevent plane crashes, but it can keep passengers alive as long as possible. GMC’s strategy is to target large airline companies, and is marketed as something that could, possibly, save (or at least prolong…) thousands of lives. Of course it is also branded as a very comfortable seat – an ideal feature for particularly long flights.


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