Business #00393 (FlyingSquirrel)

FlyingSquirrel is an aid organization comprised of a group of skydivers with a specialization in making dives into parallel worlds, made possible by patent-pending parallel-dive technology. With this technology, the organization is able to bypass the political and social structures that often hold back aid organizations from delivering help to their full potential. Breaking this barrier helps initiate rapid aid into societies that have experienced major collapse, without bureaucratic limitations.

FlyingSquirrel utilizes the skills and assistance of skydivers that are adventurous and interested in inter-world negotiation and rescuing. By transporting and “dropping off” skydivers in different worlds, the organization gains access to resources and information that can quickly be transported back to the mother-world in places seeking aid and knowledge. FlyingSquirrels’ skydivers function as hands to distribute resources to any world that displays a need for an extra hand.

The organization is currently working on developing ties with other universes in order to build a firm partnership to pave the way for providing aid in case of disaster, when the time comes. FlyingSquirrels is currently led by a board of directors: Ji Yong Park, Annalisa Swank, Hanlu C., Ellen Flaherty, Vina Rostomyan, Shana Torok, and Celeste Martin.



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