Defining a Project Direction

I have decided to continue pursuing the algorithm, as my final project. To actually build this thing, make it work, and then create a series of interventions (residing on both the fictional and non-fictional spectrums of the interests), in order to play out the idea of a human’s reliance on a piece of software to generate new ideas. More specifically, I want to bring to life potential scenarios of how this thing would exist in the business world… How would a meeting with an angel investor, in which the person is forced to pitch an idea generated by a machine, go? What would it be like to play these machine-generated ideas out, strategically, in a conference room? What kind of response, if any, would a venture capital firm provide upon receiving 1… 10… 100… of these business plans? These are the three questions, or three projects, that I will be pushing towards for the end of the term.


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