Algorithm Progress

I now have an initial working prototype of the business plan generator – this specific version is focusing specifically on the “company purpose” which is a short paragraph that encompasses an entire business plan. This is also the only piece of writing that the majority of investors require. The prototype is actually made entirely by using php. The algorithm, in this first stage, is essentially replicating the initial prototype I had, but is freed from the restrictions of using a third-party system. This allows me to house the algorithm on my own server, but also, obviously, is more flexible for further development and refinement.

I really enjoy looking at the source code behind such an algorithm – it is really interesting to see the “back end” of a generative business plan. Here are some screenshots:

The system works by creating an initial template ( a series of sentences) that have dynamic elements embedded within them. Each of these dynamic components (words) are then made generative by pulling from an archive of words related to that subject matter.

The system, in this stage, is not very robust – we only have 2 or 3 sets of words it is pulling from, but moving forward the following is being considered / tweaked:

  1. “Deep” crafting: instead of generating words, generate pairs of words / phrases. This will give a greater illusion of artificial intelligence, and will also form less of a noticeable relationship between the template and the outputs.
  2. Pondering different means of approaching plurals, consonants, vowels, etc…
  3. Should the company name be generated? Should that be left out, and be a part of what the human interprets from the machine’s output?
  4. I am currently compiling a list of openly available “company purpose” statements in order to analyze more the language used, and the overall sentence structures at hand. This will allow us to break the common elements / forms of these statements into chunks of data that can be grouped into the algorithm.
  5. “Flexible simplicity” is the method we are using – this essentially means an attempt to not have too much control, or too little control, but just in between the two.

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