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Overdue for a post! General update.

Not going to lie, I have quite neglected the blog the past couple of weeks! My last review did not go quite as planned, but I have bounced back and am back on track with the project. Please take a look at my current working thesis abstract as well as a mock up for my final exhibition and descriptions of the 5 projects I will be displaying. More to come about each of the projects as they continue to develop in the near future.

Abstract + Key Terms v1.04


I am interested in creating Diegetic Business to foster accessible, critical, futuring perspectives. As a Fictional Entrepreneur, I seek out voids and gaps within the daily lives of our future selves, and design for those situations, solving problems that have yet to exist. The works (a series of products, services, and outlooks) collectively form a Diegetic Business that can act as an incubator, in our current reality, for models that aim to encourage a critical voice about tomorrow.

Key Terms:

Fictional Entrepreneurship, Diegetic Business, Design Fiction, Design Futurology, Accessible Outlooks