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Cryptic Commemoration

I have been working on researching the best approaches to creating the plaques that will be placed above the location of the Business PLANts in Silicon Valley.

Consideration 01: The language ~

What kind of language should be used to commemorate the burial? Should it even be the burial that is commemorated, or should it be the future retrieval? Or should it commemorate “the era of sameness” instead? My project is not necessarily about making a “time capsule,” but it is an appropriate reference as it is the only kind of burial that plans for retrieval. Here are just a few of the examples of time capsule plaques that I found on the internet:

There definitely is a formula to the way these plaques are written. Here is a breakdown of the necessary elements:

  • The name of the individual or institution this is associated with
  • The time span (when is it buried, when is it to be open)
  • Clear declaration that there is something beneath it
  • Reason for they “why now” – why is it buried at that time in history?
  • Optional: Sponsor of the burial

Consideration 02: The form / production ~

I have been simultaneously researching various vendors that might be worth going through. It is sort of funny that when these kinds of plaques are made, or plaques in general, there is little room for design – very templated. I kind of like that as it speaks to some of the signals of the end of entrepreneurship.