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Art Center College of Entrepreneurship 101: Self-Promotion Tools Lecture / Workshop

For the past 4 terms, I have helped teach the Business / Entrepreneurship 101 Course for undergraduate Graphic Design Majors at Art Center with Terry Stone. Every term, I lead the workshop / lecture on Self Promotion tools and tactics, in which students get a chance to come up with a promotional plan for themselves, or their potential design studio. I have found that my process has developed as a pattern of experimentation within the Media Design Program, and dissemination outside of MDP, within the academic, social, and corporate sectors. To continue this pattern, I designed a business model generator specifically for the Entrepreneurship 101 students.

The Serendipitous Design Studio Generator works a lot like the Serendipitous Executive Summary Generator, except the businesses it generates are limited to graphic design enterprises. Each group of students generated one design firm using the system, and were prompted to design a promotional campaign for the studio to market their capabilities and niche traits. The following are a selection of generated design studios:

The generative design studios ranged from the imaginative and intangible to the viable and practical. This range fostered a diverse set of promotional tactics that the students produced during the workshop.

This method worked particularly well for the students in this situation because it removed the burden of conceptualizing a design firm that held interest amongst each of the designers in the group. This removal of personal interest actually resulted in more imaginative concepts, and less concern with practicality – a stigma that is hard to defeat in the context of a business class.


For example, to promote a design studio that specializes in way-finding systems for concerts, specifically rap shows, the students chose to use a trail of marijuana joints to guide the audience to their seats. Another group, given the task of creating a promotional campaign for a design studio that specialized in packaging for soda companies, proposed the idea of augmented bottles with user-submitted content / artwork on the drink.